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January 28, 2002 The Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA), the trade group representing the U.S. computer and video game industry, announced today that it had succeeded in terminating three of the most active online sites based in the United States and their offerings of illegal download versions of games on the Internet.
downloadable digital file versions of these products, commonly referred to as "warez" and "roms."

Download Free GBA ROMS
Gameboy Emulator

NEMU64 CAPTURES : En Emualliance encontrareís captures de los juegos Super Mario 64, Duke Nukem 64 y StarFox rulando con el emulador de Nintendo 64 Nemu64 . También puedes ver mas CAPTURES ( Mario 64 y Jeopardy ), esta vez de la mano de EmuHQ .


Gameboy Advance Roms

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ote to go.to and the host of this site: There are NO roms stored here on my site, there are only links. Thanks go to Mr. Stuffnstuff for providing the links. He has granted us exclusive rights to these files do NOT link to them. You may link only to http://go.to/n64romsusa

There are over 1000 free gba roms available at the momemnt.

You must use GetRight from getright.com/ to download these files or you will likely get an incomplete file which will not unzip! You should use Netscape as your browser because Internet Explorer sometimes does not let GetRight catch the download.

These roms are for use with backup units such as Z64 because they can play all the games. While the emulators can only play a few of the games. If you are using the UltraHle emulator go HERE to see which games will work.

DreamGBC V0.6 released:
This is a new Game Boy emulator for Windows by the author of DreamNES. This update has the following changes:

Fixed a noise channel frequency bug
Fixed some logical sound bugs
Added emulator configuration function to the ROM Loader
Emulate the colorization when play classical GB cart on a GBC(1 palette availiable for now)
Support multiple resolution(up to 1024*768)
Zooming function(1X-4X)
100% Scanline mode selectable
You can get it from our Game Boy emulation page. Thanks to DrSteveW for the news.

VGS Video Patch R7a - All Patches in One released:
Aldo Vargas again has released a new version of his VGS Video Patch. This new version of the VGS Video Patch not only displays the graphics centered (on the top) of the screen but alsoit applies other popular patches, like PSytek's Fix 2 and 3, ModChip patches from Morlac and SunTzu (untested method) and a new patch that Aldo created that allows VGS 1.41 English to display PAL games half screen as in VGS 1.3. Note: This patch is *not* a D3D enhancer, it changes the screen resolution to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 maintaining the game graphics at 640x480, resulting in a visually less pixelated graphics.The FF9 Patch R3 should work again. emulatronia.com/oldnews/junio99 - 3

More games playable in TrWin:
Ridge let me know that two more games are playable with TrWin.33 32 gameboy pokemon roms 31 30 gameboy roms download 27 26 "Scooby Doo Classic Creep Capers" (Very fast and tiny glitches)"Sin and Punishment - Tsumi no Batsu" (Very fast and some small color glitches) Both are close to perfection, but there is no sound in both of them.
Titan Project 20001201 released:
This is yet another new Sega Saturn emulation project for Windows. This is mainly a bugfix update, but it also added some goodies like CDROM handling, prettier VDP code, and the rest of the opcodes for the interpreter. You can get the binary and source from our Sega Saturn emulation page. theesa.com/release012802.htm - 5

NeoPocott news:
The NeoPocott site was updated mentioning thatthanks to Mic... the Win32 port is now about 350% faster than before which means that zoom x2, x3, x4 and even full  golden sun for gameboy advance roms 40 39 pokemon gameboy roms 40 39 rpg roms for gameboy advance 40 39 gameboy colour roms

screen are now playable!He rewrote all the bitmap blit stuff and the result is dramatically better. Expect new releases soon of these ports.

ePSXe compat page update:
The ePSXe compatibilty page was updated and now contains 342 submissions with 50 game screenshots.

While most of us wait for bleem for Dreamcast, it appears a new PSX emulation project for the Dreamcast is underway as well called DCPSX. The site mentions that the new code can run two games at limited speed and the graphics are quite a bit off. Some screenshots should be available soon. This is a port of the previous PSX emulator called Jackal.

SMOG News:
SMOG, the WIP Sega Model 1 arcade emulation project had a site update mentioning that theauthor finally has the full V60 manual. This means that SMOG development can continue. This now means that System32 and Model 1 emulation are within reach :-).Also, the author is incorporating the new found info info his disassembler, and very good results are showing up.

PocketNES 1.0 beta 3 released: PocketSNES
Wanna play NES games on your PocketPC? Well, a new version of PocketNES is now available! Changes inthis update include:

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